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Ultraformer III is the last one of the focused ultrasound family (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound – HIFU). The device emits the same ultrasound of normal echography. While in the last case all the waves are parallel to each other, in the case of the Ultraformer the waves are focused and concentrate at a single point under the skin surface. Every emitted single wave is not harmful, but in the point of concentration, they create a small damage.

The different cartridges are constructed in such a way as to create focus point at a defined depth. The first cartridge allows you to work more in the deep – the focus is exactly on the layer consisting of the deep facial muscles and fascias. The second (and more superficial) cartridge positions the focus point immediately under the skin. A third cartridge allows, finally, to work more with a surface. Every emitted “shot” creates different points of focus. Every single one does not give any effect, but if the points become hundreds, then the effect is multiple:

  1. Contraction of the affected layer
  2. It is stimulated the new collagen production as a result of the created damage

The method is uncomfortable and painful only at certain points. The treatment covers the lower 2/3 portion of the face and neck up to the cricoid cartilage (in men is called Adam’s Apple). After the treatment can remain a light redness for few hours and some swelling for a few days. The results are obtained over time and become maximum in few months.

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need in a mild sedation comes out extremely rarely. It is recommended to take pain medication 1 hour before the treatment and to avoid aspirin or any other acetylsalicylic acid containing drugs


non-surgical lifting of the neck, of the 1/3 inferior of the face and of the eyebrow
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