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True beauty lies in the beholder’s eyes

From the belief that the whole is only the sum of the parts to the certainty that you can achieve much more by working in a team.

That is what happens daily in Laserplast. The different professionals of the staff complete each other, and working in a synergic way, they offer the best service possible. Dynamism, professional curiosity, listening to the needs of the person, rapidity, reactivity, attention to details and the ability to adapt are just some of our features.

Every single day we try to improve ourselves. We have a very wide and constantly updated technological equipment, but we believe that human resourсes make it working in the best way.

It is our team, united and dynamic, the true secret of our success. We are sure that working in the team, can be offered very high-quality professional services, with a smile, taking people in a peaceful and relaxed environment.

Dr. Matteo Tretti

Born in Piacenza on 29 April 1968, Dr. Matteo Tretti Clementoni graduated in July 1986 from the Scientific High School “A. Calini” in Brescia,

Dr. Valerio Fabio Pedrelli

Born in Milan on 08 May 1982, dr. Valerio Fabio Pedrelli graduated in July 2001 from the Scientific high School “Istituto Salesiano Don Bosco” in Milan

Concetta Giuliano

First Concetta Giuliano obtained a professional qualification ASA (2002) and then OSS (2004) and after she has carried out these duties at different sanitary structures in Milan, and also at those accredited.

Elisabetta Consonni

Elisabetta Consonni has many years of experience in organizational management of a medical clinic. She has great ability to create compliance with the patient and possesses a wide knowledge of the laser technologies and medical aesthetic equipment of the latest generation.

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